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Springfield Ohio

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Troy Road Homestead

Scrap Book 2

Raising the Grade

Raising the Grade

Although the Ohio Department of Transportation gave me the go-ahead to raise their grate that hinders our front lawn (from having a lawn because the grate was allowing the run-off to steal the nutrients to have a lawn), eventually they would change the game (which is documented elsewhere on this site).

48v Inverter

Who is Samlex?

Surprisingly dependable Samlex. This is the 600w @ 48v model

The unit was so reliable, I obtained their next available upgrade to the 600w 48v model.

Tree to Troy Road

Another view of the Vickie Tree

The tree that started it all. Now we have several types of apple trees, a couple of cherrie trees, couple of pear trees...

Solar Panel Kit

2015 Array

This early 2015 solar array was able to produce either 12v or 24v energy.


48v Solar Array

One of Kenny's longest-standing Solar Arrays (it hasn't been purchased by anyone yet)

Lighting for effect

Off grid effect lighting

Everything has some semblance of purpose. Rope lights are for those that can justify (and afford) replacing the lights in a relatively short period of time. Their shelf-life is limited partly due to trapping the heat within the poly tube that the lights are placed within.


Orchard Drainage

*Actually I just had extra drain-tile that needed to disappear, win-win

48v Battery

We must develop a better type of battery

Considerations of 96v Battery Experimentation



I'm thankful for this discovery. Prior to brass, I had scares.

Experimental Battery

Great spot for a battery?

*Until you have to service it

Battery Acid

Kenny on the Spot

Not everything is at it seems

Acid Spill

Got Acid?

Just say NO (and neutralize it)

Power Bank

Weakest Link

One of these series connections are not like the others

Early Springfield Battery

We can do better than this

Early experimental batteries

Kenny's 2020 Power Wall

Kenny's Power Wall

2020 Power wall sports 5 MPPT 150v, 60a Solar Charge Controllers

Since moving to Ohio, people like Mr. Tim seen below, proved to be a great help in overcoming some deficiencies. He donated dozens of canning jars which today hold pickles, peppers, and tomato sauces. He brought jackets and tarps and pens and pads and shoes and dammit if that aint from God then I don't know what is!

Tim in the Garage

And if I'm going to mention Tim, I ought to mention Vickie. I have yet to find a button to push with her (no, seriously...she is incapable of being angry...I've tried). She even brought me the first apple tree and had she not done so, I'd die never probably ever having obtained one! The next generation will eat from the tree she made happen.

Springfield Vickie

Wood burner with added 12v fans salvaged from a couple of serious-sized servers.

And if I'm going to mention Vickie, I ought to mention the greatest contributor to kenny-kind, my mom:

My mom

Truth be told, she has made these final years my best years on this planet.

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