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Off-Grid Gardening in Beautiful Springfield Ohio!

Fresh Food from our Springfield Ohio Garden photo


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Even a black thumb can harvest in Springfield!

It's true, I'm more of a city-chap and know nothing about farming or gardening.

In Florida's sand I couldn't get any of the food groups to thrive (even the chickens were starving).

But now I'm in Springfield Ohio ":-)

One of the driving forces behind anyone wanting to endure the Ohio Cold Winters is perhaps the longing for the Spring, Summer, and Fall Harvests which deliver bountifully in Springfield's soil.

We have awesome soil in Springfield!

Stuff just grows all by itself (without my having to hold its hand every step of the way).

In fact, Springfield is the antithesis of Florida!

The goal as of late is to plant only perennial vegetables and berries so that I don't have to do anything but maybe pull a weed or give some water.

I can handle that much.

Despite general neglect of not being watered or mulched, Grapes made their arrival at our small Homestead in 2018

(planted in 2016 or 2017)

My name is Grapes photo in Springfield
I am a photo of Springfield Ohio Grapes
Photo of frozen Springfield Grapes

Jars are capped and frozen.

Primarily around here there is only water to drink otherwise.

Frozen Berries

Harvest Drink

Last Year's Harvest Berries

Throwing a few frozen body parts from the vegetables and berries into the blender (that were harvested the year before), and adding a splash of honey and water, is a hand-off to the blender to break-up the hydrating monotony with a Frozen Beverage Treat.

The process has been to prepare 5 or 6 Mason Jars each day, filling the jars about 3/4 of the way full, and then dropping them in the freezer for later enjoyment.

After they are frozen, one is opened and water or juice added to the top, pending the great thaw.

Another neat twist to the drink is to not clean the blender after making peanut butter!

Make Your Own Peanut Butter

Prepare the drink of honey, water, frozen cucumber slices, and any spices that are desired, and after preparing peanut butter, leave the residue in the blender for a unique nutty taste.

Apparently the oils from the peanuts turn the cucumber drink into a milky treat!

The photo shows approximate level filled to combat cracking of the mason jars.

I didn't have a photo of the cucumber/nut drink so this photo will have to do (use your imagination for now).

I am a photo of Grapes

Most of the first-season grapes (pretend that's grape juice in the photo above) were blended into smoothies and frozen for later enjoyment in the form of frosty ooga-ooga drinks.


Photos shown below are a failed attempt to create a greenhouse to permit early starts of seedlings for next year's planting.

Erected and braced in pvc and vertical steel, along with a decent door, proved to be a total waste of time and materials.

Truth be told, the winter caught me off-guard.

A tarp over the contraption availed little, God had other ideas.

I am a photo of a Skeleton Green House in Springfield Ohio
Springfield Ohio Hut Photo
I am a photo of a not-so-Green House in Springfield Ohio

This proposed Greenhouse was knocked down in a freak end-of-winter wind-storm

I'm not complaining though, more thought should have gone into where I was placing the pseudo-greenhouse.

You can watch the thing get destroyed by the wind on the next page.

Springfield has a new Free Dump Site (okay it's my house).

Oftentimes various citizens within the community dump off their unwanted bio-friendly stuff, in doing so allows for some great repurposing.

Repurposing somebody else's fence!

Recycling in Springfield Ohio

The photos show a fence (the red stuff) cut in such a fashion to be utilized as a porch skirting.

After the skirting went up, it was time to neaten the landscaping blocks that skirt part of the driveway.

Recycling Landscaping Block in Springfield Ohio
Recycling Fencing in Springfield Ohio

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