Designing a better battery connector 2

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Part #2 New Idea For a Better Connector

The pre-manufactured connectors generally are not found in the marketplace when seeking to accomodate a zero-guage wire (as an extreme example).

Anyone having to double or triple-up a bank of batteries has run into the dilemna on what to do when there is no longer any room for additional cabling.

First, I'll tell you about what did NOT work

Failed Prototype

Creative Connector

One of the two mated connectors would have to clamp down on the battery post, but the prototype would not suffice.

In short, this prototype will not work without further modifications.

Creative Connector for Battery Bank.

Doubled-up connector for Battery Bank.

New idea connector

Finsihed product that DID work

It was found that while trying to solve the busbar-on-a-battery issue, that purchasing some alternative connectors became enticing.

Battery Connector

Since I was feeling somewhat spend-thrift, I even ordered things that were initially not expected to be needed.

Battery Connector

Battery Connector

As it turns out, the un-needed side-mount connectors were just what the Doctor ordered.

Battery Connector

It was found that by utilizing the side-mount's terminal hole, I could incorporate both top-mount and side-mount thereby solving the problem.

Battery Connector

Problem solved.

Battery Connector

The main input cabling from the solar and wind would share on the top-mount connector's opening, and the inverter Cabling and other items would have plenty of room to attach to the incorporated side-mount connector.

Battery Connector


Now that we trashed the contemporary Battery Connectors, let's look at designing a better Battery Cable.

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